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Immigrant Exploitation & Hospitality Labor Lawsuits

Ohio Labor Trafficking attorney reviewing unfair labor lawsuits and immigrant exploitation related to illegal job placement programs and labor recruiter abuse An unfair labor lawsuit was filed recently against the… Read the full article

Labor Trafficking Lawsuits & Recruiter Violations

Ohio human trafficking attorney and fair employment advocate reviewing labor recruitment violations and labor trafficking lawsuits for victims and plaintiffs nationwide Labor traffickers and foreign labor recruitment agencies often take… Read the full article

Cincinnati Work Injury Lawyer Reviews OSHA Violations

Ohio Catastrophic Injury Attorney and Cincinnati Work Injury Lawyer reviews construction, manufacturing and roadwork accidents and represents injured plaintiffs nationwide Workplace accidents are a unfortunately a daily occurrence, and numerous… Read the full article

Unpaid Wages Lawsuits: American Workers Lose Billions

Ohio Workplace Attorney reviews unpaid wages lawsuits and represents plaintiffs nationwide following worker misclassification and unpaid overtime violations If your employer fails to pay for certain time spent at the… Read the full article