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Car Accident Lawsuits: Should I File a Claim?

Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer: Injuries & Damages Lead to Successful Car Accident Lawsuits in Ohio

Following an Ohio automobile accident, those involved may be injured, medical costs may be mounting, and insurance companies may be very difficult to deal with. After seeking professional care to treat sustained injuries, it may be time to consider what legal actions may be necessary to recover proper compensation for property damages, medical expenses, lost wages, lasting effects of injuries and emotional suffering.

A car accident in Ohio or another state may be the result of several factors, and there may be more than one party liable for your injury, making legal recourse complicated without an experienced personal injury attorney. You may have a claim if a serious auto accident was caused by one or more of the following factors:

Car Accident Cases & Steps in Litigation

If you decide to file a lawsuit following a car accident in Cincinnati, an Ohio lawyer can assist you navigate the following process:

Filing a complaint: Victims and attorneys determine fault and name the specific defendants, or the parties being sued, which can include individual negligent drivers, transport companies, municipalities, car manufacturers, or construction companies. An Ohio attorney can help you describe the reasons for the lawsuit in a legal format and document filed in court. Defendants will then be served with copies of the complaint. After defendants are served by the plaintiff, the defendants are required to provide a response to the original complaint in writing, which they will state their defenses to the filed injury claim.

Discovery: There are different elements in the discovery process, including depositions, interrogatories, and requests for certain documents. Attorneys will question parties and witnesses under oath in depositions. Interrogatories are requests for written answers to questions. Document requests in a car accident lawsuit will likely seek medical records and police records, and any other document that supports or disputes the claim.

Settlement or trial period: most Cincinnati car accident lawsuits are settled out of court, which is a possibility at all stages of litigation, up to and including during the trial.

Following a serious car accident in Ohio, victims should contact an experienced lawyer to investigate. Joe Lyon is an experienced Ohio personal injury attorney, well-versed in the science and economic impact such an injury or death has on the victim’s life and family. 

Collect and Preserve Evidence in Car Accident Cases

Plaintiffs involved in Ohio car accident lawsuits are urged to seek legal counsel and heed the advice of attorneys who have experience in properly litigating cases. Collecting evidence like photos and witness testimony can be extremely helpful to your case, though other behaviors can be very detrimental to a case. If you plan to file a car accident claim, it is important that you refrain from the following before, during and after legal proceedings:

  • Do not lie to police, investigators, insurance companies or attorneys
  • Do not make any mistakes on your No Fault forms
  • Do not openly talk about your case
  • Do not post anything on Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets
  • Do not sign your rights away
  • Do not wait too long—there are statutes of limitations
  • Do not dispose of any evidence—protect photos and statements
  • Speak to an attorney before any insurance agents

If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to a car accident in Cincinnati, Ohio, and have questions about the legal remedies available to improve quality of life and medical care, contact The Lyon Firm (800) 513-2403. You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, and he will help you answer these critical questions.

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